Into The Wild!

What is Wilderness Backpacking

Wilderness backpacking is our way of introducing you to the world of trekking and camping in a self sustained manner. These treks are curated keeping in mind the trekkers and the environment around.

​In wilderness backpacking you will not only be trekking in the mountains, crossing rivers and staying in tents; you will be taught various skills used during wilderness trips or mountain climbs, which will ensure you are safe and secure in the outdoors on your own.

You will be carrying your own backpack which will also contain group ration, tents, sleeping bags. You will be selecting your campsites based on specific factors and you will learn to cook meals as a community in the wilderness. 

Wilderness backpacking is a total adventure package where you will be taught to survive in the wild. You will come back stronger, sharper and with a tale worth telling. 

Level – Beginner
Location - Indian Himalaya
Duration - 4-7 days (depending on trek)
Batch size – 10 participants
Instructor ratio – 1 to 5
Includes – Instructions, Hotel/Homestay, Group Equipment, Three meals a day.

Excludes - Transport.


Nag Tibba

Ali - Bedni Bugyal

Learn Skills
Self Care
Group Skills
Leave No Trace
Outdoor Safety

Ensuring that the campsite and the trials you walked on has no evidence of humans activities whatsoever. The seven principals of LNT will be taught and followed.

Keeping yourself safe in the wilderness from wildlife and natural calamities is an important skill needed and you will be taught those skills

Reflection at the end of the day is a valuable part of any trip. Learning's and mistakes will be discussed and improved upon. 

Trip leader

Meet Himanshu Thapa - With 66 treks, 362 days, 1600 km, 5 lakh feet, and counting, Himanshu is a man on a mission – completely unstoppable in the mountains.

He is a certified Wilderness First Responder from NOLS. He found his true calling in Wilderness Backpacking when he went to Colorado in the United States to work with Sanborn Western Camp, an outdoor education organization, as a Camp Counselor.

Since his return to India he has been working on ways to introduce wilderness backpacking and spread its benefits and awareness among trekkers and friends. 

He has also climbed across India, on sandstone in Badami, granite in Hampi, basalt in Sahyadri, and is working toward building a community of rock climbers in his hometown of Dehradun. 


Frequently asked questions

How is wilderness backpacking different from any other trek I see online?

Wilderness backpacking is self learning and doing the trek yourself from carrying your backpack to setting your campsite while the other treks are more spoonfed, where you have to walk to the basecamp and you will find everything ready and waiting for you.

How fit should I be to wilderness backpack?

You will have to carry your backback which would weigh anywhere between ten to twelve kgs, so you will have to be prepared and have a decently active lifestyle back home. A walk or a run every alternate day, yoga or cycling, zumba classes. Anythign to keep you active.

What if I cant carry my backpack throughout the trail?

The whole concept of wilderness backpacking is to make people self suffiecnet to carry thier load. But in the worst case scenario that you cannot carry it, the load will be divided amongst the group.

Do I need to buy my own tent and other equipments?

You will need to buy your personal gear like backpacks, warm clothes, shoes, trekking poles, etc. but the group gears like tents, sleeping bags, mattresses, kitchen equiptments and ration will be proided by us.

What about transport to and from the base camp?

We will connect you with the other trekkers and the cab driver. You can share the taxi or drive down with the others if they are coming from the same city and have extra space in their car.