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Be it Rock Climbing, Himalayan Treks, Wilderness Backpacking, or Nature Hikes, we are a bunch of extremely passionate, experienced outdoor leaders offering you an adventure-filled experience of the outdoor world.

​No matter who you are and how much prior experience you might have, we are here to help you realize and discover how much you truly are capable of achieving.

We love to climb majestic rocks, take mesmerizing pictures in nature, trek in the mighty Himalayas, so forth, and so on. This is us in our natural habitat, living our passion and dream.

Join us to experience how rock climbing could be therapeutic, lessons in photography could help you pause and admire nature, and trekking the Himalayas could teach you humility and discover peace.

Pick your favorite activity or consult us for details and recommendations based on your interest, to experience the outdoors like never before.


Our journey from ideation to inception took place during the catastrophic COVID19 pandemic. We realized that this opportunity could not be timelier to act upon our latent dream of founding an organization that truly believes in the outdoor as the best antidote to heal our soul and its significant impact on self-discovery. A few hours spent outside can make all the difference in the world.


To build a community of outdoor adventure enthusiasts and make them self-reliant.


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