Well, what are we? Honestly, we are just a trio of homo sapiens following our dreams and passions. We love to rock climb, we love to take photos, we love to trek. And this is us doing what we love.

Beyond the wall is truly us, and what we stand for. It is us helping spread the joy of outdoor activities to others. Telling you how rock climbing could be therapeutic, how lessons in photography could help you pause and admire nature, and trekking the Himalayas could teach you how to find peace and humbleness.

So, choose your activity, and pack your bags, because we are waiting to help you experience the outdoors like never before and take you beyond.


Covid was nothing but a big dent in most of our lives, but as they say when life gives you a lemon, make a lemonade, so that is what we did. Sitting at home during the lock down, we decided to start our outdoor adventure company and here we are today, proudly taking people beyond their walls.

So, it should be of no surprise as to why we are called Beyond The Wall. We are, quite literally trying to take people beyond the wall, be it a physical wall of your office/ home or a mental one.


Well, we know the odds are against us but the real inspiration behind our name is the tranquil outdoors, a natural therapy to soothe our souls and rejuvenate our minds. We truly believe that our soul is outdoors and our promise at ‘Beyond The Wall’ is –to take you on thrilling outdoor adventures, to explore the serenity of nature and explore what’s beyond the wall.

When our curious minds are satiated with the wonders of the outdoor world, this, we believe is key to unfolding our potential and happiness.


Our vision is quite simple - To build a community of outdoor adventure enthusiasts and make them self-reliant.


Fair question, why should you come to us when there are so many organizations out there taking people outdoors.

We would like to answer it with a clichéd but true word – passion. We are very passionate about what we do, and we are not into it for the business as much as we are to spread the word and make the outdoors accessible to each and every one of you. All our activities are led by our in house experts. We limit our batch sizes to give the best experience to every participant and we truly do care.

So, join us on few rock climbing workshops, or do a trek or two with us, or take photography lessons a couple of times and we are sure that you will, without a doubt, be able to do these activities yourself. We will train you to be independent.

And within no time, you can buy your own gears and start exploring what's beyond!