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Bespoke Journeys

We like the challenge of creating bespoke offerings to satisfy the client’s brief. While your needs, motivations, and goals are the foundation of the journey we create for you, we combine that with over a decade of experience leading treks, itineraries in both Nepal and India, and our network, experience and enthusiasm to create a trip that delivers. 

Your trust, peace of mind, and comfort are important to us. We try to understand what got you here because we know that each journey you undertake is a part of your life’s story. For a trip that meets your needs and exceeds them, we take steps to know how each place on the itinerary will affect your day and your experience. Leading logistically-intensive, well-researched trips to parts of the Himalayas is in our DNA and we earn your memories through our deep personal experience of each destination. 

Beyond The Wall’s foray into experiential, custom-made, bespoke trips centers on 3 key things.


The Himalaya is a truly inspirational place to visit and we think that should be experienced by many people. The region though has a very delicate ecology which is under constant threat by tourism and this tourism is an important aspect that contributes to the local economy. Thus aware of this trifecta, organising commercial trips in the region is a balancing act. Working in the industry for a long time, this much we know, that normally scheduled fixed itineraries fall outside of this delicate triangle of ecology, tourism and the local economy. Our journeys are dedicated to preserving the region where we tailor experiences to suit a more conscious group of travellers. 


Away from the crowd

A visit to the Himalaya is very much about disconnecting from society to be in your own company and the best way to do this is to avoid popular places which are in the listicles of many online magazines and blogs. We understand connecting to nature, to solitude provided by the mountains, and to an experience free of the hassle of crowds is important for you, and our journeys are created to not only inspire you but also restore joy so that you keep coming back to the Himalaya for more. 

Fair pay to the locals

These customised premium offerings allow us to pay fair wages to our carefully curated local partners which is not possible otherwise. Our bespoke itineraries are created keeping in mind your experience as well as that of the locals, and the larger ecosystem with which these trips interact. 


Showcase Client - Nao Spirits

Nao Spirits, a speciality gin distillery in India, creates the magnificent gin Hapusa; the first gin to be made from Himalayan Juniper. 

Our brief for a bespoke journey for this inspiring group was both interesting and challenging; and frankly right up our street. We were tasked with finding parts of the Indian and Nepal Himalaya, where Juniper bushes grow in the wild and organise journeys of 5-10 days centered around this key ingredient.

The customised itinerary included hikes to pristine mountains with a special emphasis on highlighting local vegetation which could be combined with the gin to make interesting cocktails, experiencing local food and local markets for ingredients, drinking cultures, and understanding how local spirits are distilled.


These trips organised twice a year for bartenders from across the globe are designed to give them a unique Hapusa experience, all tailored under the expertise of Beyond The Wall’s knowledge of the region, and their curated network of local resources.

The trip is truly a combination of everything that is essentially Himalayan, and finely executed keeping in mind luxury, comfort, but also proximity to local ingredients with a focus on the unique Himalayan Juniper berries, and an emphasis on the local touch, through culture, food, and spirits.

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