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Rock Climbing Trips

We are simply here to introduce you to the joy of Rock Climbing. All these itineraries are very well planned and specially curated to ensure the participant not only enjoys but also gains in-depth knowledge of the climbing activity.

Our goal is to spread the word, climb and get more people to be a part of the rock climbing community. Once you start climbing, it is a whole new world out there with opportunities to climb everywhere.

So, join us to learn the basics of rock climbing safely, feel the thrill of camping and climbing on a trip, experience fulfilment when you reach the top, and then go ahead and buy your own gear to start climbing independently!

For bookings or inquiries, call or Whatsapp on +91 9058302907.


Dhanaulti Rock Climbing Trip

A serene walk through the pine forest, surrounded by greenery and high mountains will lead us
to the meadow area located right next to the rock climbing area.

Nestled in quiet solitude, away from the hustle and bustle of the town of Dhanaulti,

this area overlooks the city of Dehradun,

giving you one of the best night views you could come across.

A small hike will lead you to the rock-climbing location
which gives you splendid views of the valley beyond.

While the rappelling sessions are guaranteed to give you an adrenaline rush, as you rappel down
a 150-foot-high rocky hill, the campsite will soothe you, with meadows and the jungle beyond.

For inquiries, call or Whatsapp on +91 7498163805.


Day 1 : We begin the day by meeting you in Dhanaulti at around 9 am. Diving right into the adventurous day ahead, we start by hiking up to our campsite through a serene jungle trail, for about 20 minutes.

Once we settle in, we will walk towards the rock climbing area and begin our morning session of Top rope climbing.

After lunch, we will take you on a small but memorable and pretty adventurous hike to the rappelling location. A mesmerizing valley view will form the perfect backdrop for your rappelling experience, after which we will return to the hotel for some hot tea and dinner.

Day 2 : Next morning we will go on a 30-minute hike for Sunrise.  After breakfast, we will introduce you to some bouldering thrill.  We will then begin our descent by noon and end our trip back to the hotel for lunch.


Price - INR 5500 per person (includes GST @5%)

Level – Absolute beginner
Minimum Batch size – Two participants
Instructor ratio – 1 : 3

Duration - 2D 1N

Accommodation - Hotel room on a twin-sharing basis / Camping.

Activities - Top Rope climbing, Rappelling, Bouldering, Hiking.
Includes – Instructions, Safety and Climbing Equipment, two Lunches, a Dinner, and a Breakfast

Excludes - Transport, anything apart from includes.

For inquiries, call or Whatsapp on +91 7498163805.


Sethan Rock Climbing Trip

Sethan, this unique little town which is 14 km from Manali sits on the base camp of the famous Hampta pass trek. Offering the best of both worlds, it has the advantage of letting you be in quiet solitude amidst nature without having to go too far from the bustling town of Manali.

And of course, the main reason why we love this place - its boulders. The high Himalayas forms the perfect backdrop with splendid boulders and crags spread all across this area.

 This trip is focused on getting you addicted to bouldering on natural rocks. We will introduce you to bouldering, take you to all the climbing spots around Sethan, help you improve your climbing technique and make you an independent climber.


By the end of the trip, we are sure you will get bolder to boulder!

For inquiries, call or Whatsapp on +91 9058302907.


Day 0: Departure from Delhi

We meet you in Delhi on this day and head to Manali together. Plan to arrive by noon at the latest as we will depart from Delhi on a Volvo bus by early evening.


Day 1: Reaching Sethan and learning the basics of bouldering 

We begin our trip right away by heading to Sethan from the Manali bus stand itself. A 50-minute drive will get us to the property at Sethan. Freshen up, have breakfast, and after lunch, we move to the bouldering areas for an acclimatization walk. Here we will teach you the basics of bouldering, spotting and how to use a crashpad, helping you prepare for the coming days.

Day 2: Bouldering in first forest area

This will be the day you start bouldering. We start by walking to the forest area after breakfast which is about a kilometre away from the hotel. There you get to try some easy but exciting lines until lunch. We break for lunch at a Dhaba and return to bouldering till evening. We will return to the hotel before sunset for dinner and stretching.


Day 3: Bouldering in the meadow area

After bouldering in the forest, this day you get to experience bouldering in a nice open meadow. After breakfast, a serene walk will lead us to the meadow area where you can try some harder routes and start projecting lines on your own. Lunch at Dhaba and we head back by sunset for dinner at the hotel.


Day 4: Rest day

After two days of continuous bouldering, our bodies will need a rest day. But don’t you worry, we have other non-strenuous activities planned for the day like slacklining and a beautiful 30-minute hike through the forest. Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the property.


Day 5: Rope climbing day

After all the bouldering, we would like you to try your hands at long rope climbs. After breakfast, we start by taking a 15-minute drive to the crag and then it's time to get high on the rocks! We will set up some top ropes for new climbers while the experienced ones can try leading these routes. We spend all day at the crag and head back to the property by sunset.


Day 6: Bouldering in the second forest area

Saving the best boulders for the last, we will head towards another forest area which has some amazing boulders on this day. After lunch we head back to the property, check out by evening and head towards Manali to catch our ride home.


Now that your Sethan bouldering trip is complete, we are sure you will want to come back again.


Learning -

()Bouldering - Spotting, Taking a fall, Topping out, Brushing, crashpad placement, climbing techniques, identifying and projecting your boulder problem.

()Rope climbing - Top-rope climbing equipment and Top-rope belaying.

Price - INR 24000 per person (includes GST @ 5%)

Dates - TBA

Batch size - 8 climbers

Level - Absolute beginners to intermediate

Instructor ratio - 1:3

Duration - 5 nights and 6 days

Includes -


Stay starts from day 1 and ends on day 6 in Sethan. You will be staying in a hotel on all 6 days.(Hotel rooms will be on a double or triple-sharing basis)

()Instruction - By experienced climbers with wilderness first aid certification.

()Climbing equipment - Crashpads, shoes, harnesses, helmets, ropes, and other climbing and safety equipment will be provided.

()Transportation - Delhi ⇄ Manali via Volvo bus, Manali ⇄ Sethan via car.

()Meals - Breakfast,lunch at Dhaba and dinner on all days.


Excludes - Any personal expenses, anything apart from includes, and emergency or medical costs incurred.

For inquiries, call or Whatsapp on +91 9058302907

All our lead instructors are certified Wilderness First Responders, speak fluent English, and are qualified from various mountaineering and rock climbing institutes. They have previously worked with adventure and outdoor educational institutes, in different parts of the world.
Go to our Instructor's profile page to know more.

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