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Rope courses

The course aims to foster your independence in the vertical world through an introduction to rock climbing as a sport.

It will empower you with the confidence to explore the vertical landscape utilizing ropes and equipment while emphasizing the efficient use of minimal gear. The schedule and topics provided below are subject to flexibility throughout the course.

The course will be customized according to your needs and the skills you would like to emphasize. Whether you're seeking some training or exposure before your BMC course, or you're a para-glider looking to learn some handy

rope skills before your next big glide, we can create the perfect course for you.

Get ready to rock your way to new heights!

For inquiries, call or Whatsapp on +91 9058302907.

Sample course structure

session 1 (Maldevta)

  • Top rope climbing and ground belaying

  • Building anchors using bolts

  • Climbing techniques

session 2 (Maldevta)

  • Building anchors using natural objects and trad gear.

  • Rappelling using tuber-prussic, gri gri, figure of eight, Munter hitch.

  • Top belay and lowering a climber.

session 3 (Maldevta)

  • Leading a route using trad gear and belaying 2nd.

  • Leading a bolted route & Lead-belaying

session 4 (Maldevta)

  • Hauling up a 50 kg bag, using Ascender, Prusik, Garda, Micro Traxion.

session 5 (Maldevta)

  • Real-time scenarios and practice

session 6 (Dhanaulti)

  • Climbing bolted routes

  • Rappeling 60-meter-long exposed faces

session 7 (Maldevta)

  • Ascending up a rope using Ascender/Gri Gri/Prusik

General topics covered: Equipment science, use and knowledge | relevant knots &
hitches | Rock Climbing techniques.

Instructor ratio: 1 : 2 (Assistant instructor added on days when necessary)

Includes: Instructions, Equipment, Climbing shoes

All our lead instructors are certified Wilderness First Responders, speak fluent English, and are qualified from various mountaineering and rock climbing institutes. They have previously worked with adventure and outdoor educational institutes, in different parts of the world.
Go to our Instructor's profile page to know more.

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