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Rock climbing

Rock climbing holds a special place in our hearts as a team. It has played a role in bringing us together and starting this organization.
Our mission involves introducing rock climbing to Dehradun, developing rock faces around India, and fostering an active climbing community. We aim to achieve this by organizing workshops and courses, guiding and supporting new climbers, and empowering them to explore climbing worldwide.

As part of our commitment, we have actively collaborated with the community to develop the Maldevta climbing area.

For those seeking inspiring rock climbing experiences, we do offer exciting trips to breathtaking locations.

Rock climbing is a thrilling activity and an avenue through which your child can acquire essential and valuable life skills. We have designed rock climbing programs tailored for kidswhich share the space with our Outdoor Education programs.

Come, fall in love with the rocks!

For inquiries, feel free call or Whatsapp on +91 9058302907

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