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 Outdoor Education Summer camp


5 Days & 4 Nights


9-18 yrs.


Dehradun Valley


5th June to 9th June

12th June to 16th June

Or Call/Whatsapp Us +919315017824

As the cold winters give way to the warm summers, there can only be one thing on the minds of most kids - the summer vacation! And while kids are anticipating their summer vacations, there can be a few things on the minds of most parents: Where do we send our kids to? And what will they do?


‘Beyond the Wall’ has an exciting answer to your questions - a ‘Summer Camp’!


A few days spent in a good summer camp can be as valuable as a year-round education. How? Summer camps build character, friendships, and values with which kids can grow up to be independent and well-rounded individuals.


Based on years of experience working with kids in the outdoors, we have developed an itinerary for a summer camp based on one guiding principle - “To live together in the outdoors, building a sense of self, a sense of community, a sense of the earth, and a sense of wonder through fun and adventure.


A way away from a future ‘ecological doom’ comes from sensitizing the people of tomorrow to many beautiful ecosystems of the present-day world. In lands yet untouched by technology, we see the real machinery of local communities working in great rhythm to keep their lands clean, functional, and calming. Having explored the Himalaya for most of our adult lives, we have come to realize that the more we connect with the great outdoors, the better we connect with ourselves. The philosophy behind Beyond The Wall’s Outdoor Education programs is built on this.

Every land we’ve crossed has piqued our curiosity and prepared us for the charms of the next. Through outdoor education that is the sense of wonder and connection with nature, we aim to inspire, in kids and adults. Be it through rock climbing where we have challenged our individual strengths, or pitching tents and cooking together in the wilderness, we have devised ways to function as a strong team and found a safe, reflective space to share thoughts.    

Through outdoor education, we develop an awareness of simple things like LNT (Leave No Trace), respecting people, being kind, and curious, and exploring the unknown without harming it. We learn to pack our bags right so they don’t weigh us down and build mud houses that let us revel in our love for all things natural. We have and will, by being outdoors, become the guardians of a better world.



Children in Nature:

  • Nature calms children, while simultaneously sharpening their focus and exciting their senses.
    Time spent in nature provides physical and emotional well-being for a kid's wholesome development
    Playing amongst nature reduces stress in children and bolsters their resilience


Character Development:

  • Through our activities in summer camp, kids will develop strong interpersonal skills through community living.
    The staff members who will work in the summer camp seek to know and understand kids as individuals. This helps kids feel heard and acknowledged.
    Through staff support, kids will learn to recognize and acknowledge their strengths and limitations.
    At the conclusion of the summer camp, kids will leave with a deeper understanding of what respect, responsibility, and resilience looks, feels, and sounds like.
    The social and emotional skills taught and learned at the summer camp are extremely valuable to carry forward to the outside world.  


Day 1: “Kids are coming”

12:00 PM - Welcome campers and allocate rooms
01:00 PM - First camp meal and get to know each other
03:00 PM - Activities: High and low rope courses, waterfall walks, camp exploration
05:30 PM - Evening refreshments
06:30 PM - Evening hike with games and fun activities followed by a campfire
08:00 PM - Dinner and bedtime stories


Day 2: New day new experiences!

05:30 AM - Sunrise hike, connect with field instructors and hike buddies; Choose from a variety of hikes
08:00 AM - Breakfast
09:30 AM - Core activities; find your own trail, capture what you see, and build objects with natural materials
01:00 PM - Lunch and downtime
03:00 PM - Pull all evening
05:30 PM - Learn about ‘Leave no Trace’, (explain), by the riverside
06:30 PM - Assist in cooking a meal outdoors, followed by dinner
08:30 PM - Skit Night


Day 3: Time to step into the wilderness!

7:00 AM - Breakfast
8:00 AM - Outdoor rock climbing at Maldevta followed by lunch
3:30 PM - Evening refreshments and head out for community service
4:30 PM - ‘Understanding waste and waste management’ with Waste Warriors, an NGO working on waste management in the Himalayas followed by a documentary screening.
7:00 PM - Return to camp and prepare for the overnight trip
8:00 PM - Dinner and Bedtime


Day 4: Overnight trip to Bhadraj.

7:00 AM - Breakfast
8:00 AM - Plan and Prepare for the overnight trip
9:30 AM - Drive to trailhead for Bhadraj
Learn wilderness backpacking; communication, group dynamics, map reading and navigation, selecting and setting up your campsites, building fire, outdoor cooking, and following the concept of LEAVE NO TRACE the whole day


Day 5: “Scale the top!”
5:30 AM - Summit Bhadraj top 
2:30 PM - Return to camp and closing ceremony around the campfire


Dining Hall:

The dining hall is one of the important spaces of the summer camp. A place to eat, have conversations and indulge in lots of laughter. We will brief kids about the day in this space and will also celebrate everyone's accomplishments. All meals will be prepared by keeping nutrition, health, and taste as priorities. All food allergies will be accounted for too.



A swimming pool, high and low rope courses, and sports equipment are all a part of the summer camp. Children will use these facilities under the safe guidance of our instructors.



Swiss tent with triple sharing, and a common washroom.



Attractive, well-maintained ground, with vegetation all around and close to the Song River.



15,000 INR per kid (includes GST @ 5%)


Accommodation, food, transport for all days, camp facilities, in-camp activities, outdoor activities, equipment, outdoor education instructor and leader, community services hours, and certification.


Drop and pick up on the first and last day at the camp, anything apart from the includes.

Our Instructors


Meet Himanshu Thapa - With 66 treks, 362 days, 1600 km, 5 lakh feet, and counting, Himanshu is a man on a mission – completely unstoppable in the mountains.
Having climbed across India, on sandstone in Badami, granite in Hampi, basalt in Sahyadri, he is now working toward building a community of rock climbers in his hometown of Dehradun.

He truly enjoys bouldering. He loves to take up challenges and climb up those tough boulders, while encouraging others to do so as well.

He is also  a certified Wilderness First Responder from NOLS. He found his true calling in Wilderness Backpacking when he went to Colorado in the United States to work with Sanborn Western Camp, an outdoor education organization, as a Camp Counselor.

Meet Yash Choudhari - an absolutely fierce rock climber.


He has no fear of terrifying heights and  makes climbing seemingly impossible-to-scale cliffs and rocks look very easy. He has scaled numerous rocks and cliffs in Vietnam, India and Laos and is equipped with advanced rock-climbing skills.


He doesn't always make it to the top on the first attempt, but that is what rock climbing is all about, it has taught him to be persistent and patient. The smile on his face when he finally finishes the climb and gives a thumbs up, makes us believe in him and in his experiences.

He is also a Certified Wilderness First Responder (NOLS) and is trained in rescue operations, including managing high altitude sickness and advanced first aid skills.

Rock Climbing instructor Yash Choudhari, using rock climbing equipement for sport climbing.

Meet Shubham Nautiyal, he has been climbing for two years now. It was a top rope climbing workshop organized by us where he fell in love with this lovely sport. And let us tell you he fell hard. It's not easy to quit your job as a doctor and venture into outdoor space full-time but that's what he did.

He has travelled to different climbing locations across India like Badami, Manali, Sethan, Dhauj, Dhanaulti and his home crag in Maldevta, Dehradun.

He loves meeting new people with different approaches to life and introducing them to climbing.  

Rock climbing for him is facing the challenges that life puts us through and also understanding that you can't tackle everything in one day.

He is a certified wilderness first responder and has done his mountaineering course at the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering.


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