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Why Nepal

Why Trek In Nepal


Tea houses are simple accommodations located at every campsite with numerous rooms, one spacious dining and a kitchen. So, at the end of the day’s trek, you will reach a tea house and can be certain that you will get good food and a warm bed to sleep in.
And here is the best part, you will get to choose whatever you want from a wide range of delicious food menu which includes dal bhat, momos, pizzas, pasta, noodles, and fried rice.

Since you will have a cosy bed, warm room, hot food, & bathrooms, trekking at these altitudes becomes easier and you will very likely wake up refreshed and eager to trek the next day.

Tea houses in Nepal trek for Everest base camp , Annapurna base camp between high altitude himalayan mountains
High altitude mountain views in Nepal treks. Snow capped mountains peaks

Eight of the fourteen highest mountains in the world are located in this country, either whole or shared across a border with China or India. So yes, it is all about the mountains.

You will trek through jungle trails, alpine dry lands, along glaciers, with these mighty eight forming the skyline every now and then.

Trekking here will also help you realize how small our worries truly are, when surrounded by these massive peaks and glaciers. We will be humbled before the mighty.


Trekking in Nepal is definitely exciting. Being the trekking hotspot that it is, Nepal isn’t just about getting to view the majestic high-altitude peaks or getting to know about the Nepali culture but it is  an opportunity to meet trekkers from across the globe and sharing tea houses with them that makes it unique.

You might start the trek with a Namaste, but you will end it with a Bonjour or Buenos Dias!

meet travelers and trekkers from diffirent countries across the world on Nepal treks
Difficulty Level

Difficulty Level

We as an organization, do not like to grade trek difficulty.

Since many people are getting into trekking, the relativity index has become very wide.
But for your safety and well-being, we recommend having at least one previous high altitude trekking experience, ideally in the Himalaya before signing up for any of the Nepal treks. With regards to the fitness level required, do not worry, we will make sure you are very well prepared once you sign up.

Medical Safety

Medical Safety

Your safety is of utmost importance to us and we ensure that our standards of safety remain high throughout the trek.
To start off, our trip leaders are all WRF certified.
WRF stands for Wilderness First Responders, who are individuals trained to respond to emergency situations in remote locations. They are part of a wide variety of wilderness medical providers who deal with medical emergencies that occur in the outdoors.
Secondly, first aid will be carried throughout the trek by our trip leader which will contain the following:

  • A Medical Kit

  • An Oxygen Cylinder

  • An Oximeter

  • A BP Apparatus

Nols wilderness certified trek trip leaders

Our Trip Leaders

Outdoor instructor leader himanshu thapa

Himanshu Thapa - With 66 treks, 362 days, 1600 km, 5 lakh feet, and counting, Himanshu is a man on a mission – completely unstoppable in the mountains.
He found his true calling in Wilderness Backpacking when he went to Colorado in the United States to work with Sanborn Western Camp, an outdoor education organization, as a Camp Counselor where he discovered the potential of self-reliant travel and its significant impact on individuals.
His curiosity to explore more outdoors led him to IndiaHikes, where he worked as a Senior Trek Leader. He is also a certified Wilderness First Responder from NOLS and has done his Basic Mountaineering course.

While he was leading treks, he found that people joining his treks were not completely self-reliant in the outdoors and heavily relied on the trekking company to provide for shelter, food, safety, and other basic needs. He now wants to build a community of outdoor adventure enthusiasts and make them completely self-reliant.

Yash Choudhari - an absolutely fierce rock climber and mountaineer. He has no fear of terrifying heights and makes climbing seemingly impossible-to-scale cliffs and rocks look very easy. He has scaled numerous mountians, rocks and cliffs in Vietnam, India, Nepal and Laos and is equipped with advanced rock-climbing skills.
He spent two years taking regular trekking trips to the high-altitude Himalaya, like the Everest Base Camp, Hampta Pass, Kashmir Great Lakes, Roopkund to name a few while working with IndiaHikes, a trekking company that made him the seasoned Himalayan Guide that he is now. He is also a Certified Wilderness First Responder (NOLS), has done his Basic Rock Climbing course, Basic and Advanced Mountaineering course, and is trained in rescue operations, including managing high altitude sickness with advanced first aid skills.
So, we can confidently say - you’re in safe hands.

Outdoor instructor leader Yash Choudhari
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