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Rock climbing workshops
in dehradun

We are here to introduce you to the joy of Rock Climbing. That's the reason we conduct these workshops. All these sessions are very well planned and specially curated to ensure the participant not only enjoys but

also gains in-depth knowledge of the activity.

So, Join us to learn the basics of rock climbing safely, feel the thrill, experience fulfillment when you reach the top,

and then go ahead and buy your own gear to start climbing independently!

For bookings or inquiries, call or Whatsapp at +91 9058302907

Download at Topo route map of Maldevta climbing area.

Top Rope Climbing Workshop

It is the most basic and safest form of rock climbing. You climb rock faces upto 30 meters high with a partner on the ground, belaying you on a rope tied to your harness.

Level – Absolute beginner
Location - Tachilla, 5 Km ahead of Maldevta Mandir, Dehradun
Timing - Weekend, morning till noon (5 hours)
Batch size – 6 participants
Instructor ratio – 1 : 3
Fees - INR 1800 (includes GST @ 5%)
Includes – Instructions, Equipment, Climbing Shoes, light snacks and fruits.
Excludes - Transport, breakfast/lunch.

Lead Climbing Workshop

This workshop is for anyone who is confident in rock climbing on a top-rope set-up and wants to progress towards being an independent rock climber. You can then start travelling to beautiful climbing destinations around the world!

After attending this workshop you will develop a better sense of rock climbing. We will teach you all about lead climbing and lead belaying. By the end, you will be able to lead bolted routes (sport routes) in presence of an experienced climber.

Level – Comfortable with Top-rope climbing
Location - Tachilla, 5 Km ahead of Maldevta Mandir, Dehradun
Duration - Two days (5 hours each day)
Batch size – Two participants
Instructor ratio – 1 : 2
Fees - INR 4500 (includes GST @ 5%)
Includes – Instructions, Equipment, and Climbing Shoes.
Excludes - Transport, breakfast/lunch.

Rappelling Workshop

These sessions are designed to teach you to rappel independently. Rappeling is an advanced rope skill that will not only help in your rock climbing journey but is an essential skill in the outdoors. Surprisingly, coming down on rope safely is much more technical than climbing up a rock face and we will teach you the nuances of rappelling down. We will provide all the tools and equipment needed and you simply have to come with the mindset to learn something new while having some fun in the outdoors!


Level – Comfortable with Top-rope belaying
Location - Tachilla, 5 Km ahead of Maldevta Mandir, Dehradun
Duration - One day (6 hours)
Batch size – Two participants
Instructor ratio – 1:2
Fees - INR 2500 (includes GST @ 5%)
Includes – Instructions, Equipment, Climbing Shoes, Snacks & fruits.
Excludes - Transport, breakfast/lunch.

All our lead instructors are certified Wilderness First Responders, speak fluent English, and are qualified from various mountaineering and rock climbing institutes. They have previously worked with adventure and outdoor educational institutes, in different parts of the world.
Go to our Instructor's profile page to know more.

Rock Climbing is More Than A Sport