Get High On The Rocks!

Rock Climbing Workshop

We are simply here to introduce you to the joy of Rock Climbing. That's the reason we conduct these workshops.

Our goal is to spread the word, climb and get more people to be a part of the rock climbing community. Once you start climbing, it is a whole new world out there with opportunities to climb everywhere.

So, join us to learn the basics of rock climbing safely, experience the thrill and fulfillment you feel when you reach the top anchor, and then go ahead and buy your own gear to start climbing independently!

Come, fall in love with the rocks! 


Level – Absolute beginner
Location - 5 Km ahead of Maldevta Mandir, Dehradun
Timing - Weekend, morning till noon (5 hours)
Batch size – Six participants
Instructor ratio – 1 to 3
Fees - INR 1500
Includes – Instructions, Equipment, light snacks and drink.

Excludes - Transport, breakfast/lunch.

Activity Details
More Than A Sport
Your Climbing Instructors

Meet Yash Choudhari - an absolutely fierce rock climber.


He has no fear of terrifying heights and  makes climbing seemingly impossible-to-scale cliffs and rocks look very easy. He has scaled numerous rocks and cliffs in Vietnam, India and Laos and is equipped with advanced rock-climbing skills.


He doesn't always make it to the top on the first attempt, but that is what rock climbing is all about, it has taught him to be persistent and patient. The smile on his face when he finally finishes the climb and gives a thumbs up, makes us believe in him and in his experiences.

He is also a Certified Wilderness First Responder (NOLS) and is trained in rescue operations, including managing high altitude sickness and advanced first aid skills.

Rock Climbing instructor Yash Choudhari, using rock climbing equipement for sport climbing.

Meet Himanshu Thapa - With 66 treks, 362 days, 1600 km, 5 lakh feet, and counting, Himanshu is a man on a mission – completely unstoppable in the mountains.

Having climbed across India, on sandstone in Badami, granite in Hampi, basalt in Sahyadri, he is now working toward building a community of rock climbers in his hometown of Dehradun. 

He truly enjoys bouldering. He loves to take up challenges and climb up those tough boulders, while encouraging others to do so as well. 

He is also  a certified Wilderness First Responder from NOLS. He found his true calling in Wilderness Backpacking when he went to Colorado in the United States to work with Sanborn Western Camp, an outdoor education organization, as a Camp Counselor.

Join The Club

Once you participate in a workshop with us, you are part of our community. And we want you to keep climbing, so for returnees we offer a discount. Yes, you read that right, we understand that you wouldn’t want to pay the same amount every weekend, so the more often you join us, more skills you will be able to learn, and the more discount you get. Soon you will be independent enough to climb on your own.


But if you want to keep climbing with us, we rent out our gears for you to climb until you buy your own gears. Nothing would make us happier than to see you climb on your own without us after a couple of sessions.

Our discount rates are as follows -
1st time returnee – Rs.1200
2nd time returnee- Rs.1000
3rd time returnee- Rs.800
4th time returnee – Rs.600


After that, we are certain you will be independent enough to climb on your own. You can always join us for a 600/- workshop or rent our gears and climb.

Call us or get in touch with us here to claim your discount.

Frequently asked questions

I have never climbed before. Will I be able to participate well?

Yes. Rock climbing is for everyone. You do not need prior experiences and there are different grades of rocks for all levels. We conduct absolute beginners workshop, so you will be guided as per your level.

Do I need to carry any rock climbing equipment?

No, we will provide all the safety equipment required for climbing, including shoes.

What kind of clothes should I wear?

Loose & comfortable t-shirts with sports shorts or track pants are ideal.

What type of shoes should I wear for rock climbing?

You can come in anything in which you are comfortable, as we provide a different set of shoes for climbing.

Any other preparations required before coming for the workshop?

When you sign up, you will receive a preparation mail with all the necessary details.

Is it safe to climb so high on the rock?

Yes, your safety is our priority. When you are safely secured in your harness with your helmet on, you can go as high as the top anchor.

Should I carry any food along?

Yes, pack some light meals like sandwiches or parathas. We will also be providing you with snacks and a drink.

Will I be able to take a dip in the nearby stream?

Yes! That’s the whole point of coming outdoors, isn’t it?

Can I pay in person?

Yes. But you will have to first register yourself on the website and select the ‘Pay in person’ option to book your slot.