Frequently asked questions


Will the tea house room have Blankets/Quilts?

Yes, they will all provide warm blankets and beds. But as an added precaution we will also provide personal fleece liners to every trekker from the company.

Will I need Gaiters and Microspikes on the trek?

If it is required, we will provide them when necessary.

Do I have a weight limit for my porter bag?

Yes, we would like you to respect the mountains and their people and limit your weight to 10kgs.

Do I need to get insurance coverage?

Yes, in case of medical emergencies or evacuations, helicopter charges will be covered by the insurance only if you have one.

Do I need Travel (Adventure Travel) Insurance?

Travel Insurance is mandatory for everyone traveling outside their country. Your insurance must include adventure travel and sports, and should cover emergency rescue operations or helicopter lift-off when needed. Along with adventure travel insurance, it must also cover personal accidents, medical expenses, and personal liability. We will be asking for the insurance for the Permits.

Can I expect Emergency Rescue & Health Care?

Emergency rescue is conducted throughout the Himalaya in case of any accidents or sudden health deterioration. Helicopter rescue missions in such cases are covered by the insurance. However, you must check with your medical insurance before signing off on the documents. If not please make sure you get one before your trek.

Can I order anything from the menu and will that be covered by Beyond The Wall?

Yes, you can order anything from the menu at the time of the meal in tea houses during the trek and we will pay for it.

What kind of food can I expect during trek?

Rice and Lentil, popularly known as Dal Bhaat, is the staple diet of most Nepalese. Rich in proteins and carbohydrates, Dal Bhaat can be eaten anytime during the day. Along with many other authentic dishes, Nepal hosts the finest array of international cuisines; American, Thai, Chinese, and Continental, etc, along with fast food which is commonly found in base camp and tea houses. Oats, Muesli, Roast, Pizza, Pancakes, and sandwiches are commonly found in almost every trek trail.

Do I need trek permits?

A permit required to trek in Nepal will be provided by Beyond The Wall.

Do I need to buy new SIM in Nepal?

Since you are traveling to a different country you can buy a local sim card or update your SIM for international travel. But it is not mandatory as Nepal is a wifi-enabled country with every hotel, cafe, and even tea house throughout the trek having wifi connectivity.
If you still want to buy a sim you can buy it from the airport in Kathmandu. We recommend you buy a SIM from the operator called Namaste. To buy a sim you will need your Passport / any form of ID, a passport size photo, and around 1200/- Nepali rupees, ie. about 750/ INR.

Can I use my chargers in Nepal?

Electrical appliances use 220-240 volts and 50 MHZ of power to operate in Nepal (Some countries use 110-120 volts of electricity, and accept very specific shaped plugs.) If your appliance’s plug doesn’t match the shape of these sockets, you will need a travel plug adapter to the plugin. These adapters help fit your appliances in any socket.

Do I need to carry Nepalese Rupees?

Most of your stay and food will be taken care of by us once you reach Kathmandu. For stay at Kathmandu, it is better if you exchange currency at the airport. Although many places in Kathmandu do accept Indian Rupees, it would be ideal if you exchange your currency here. There are many licensed money exchangers in the city. Make sure you carry enough Nepali Rupees for the trek if you want extra facilities like Wifi, hot water, packaged drinking water, etc.
There are ATMs in Kathmandu where you can withdraw money using your debit/credit cards, but they will charge a nominal fee for each transaction.
Please check with your bank that your debit/credit card can do transactions in Nepal. Keeping some spare US Dollars is a good idea.
Also, If you are coming to a different country then obviously you will have to buy and shop for your love once ;)

What is the Batch Size?

We as an organization believe in giving the best of the experience that comes with the outdoors. We also understand that nature is something that is better experienced without much disturbance around and in calm solitude so, on the basis of keeping it a truly uplifting experience, we keep our group size limited to 10 trekkers per batch.

Do I need to tip the guides & porters?

It is a part of the trekking culture to tip your porters and guides.​