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Rock Climbing
for Kids

With spring in full swing and summer just around the corner, kids are eager to engage in outdoor activities and have some fun while staying active.
Not only is rock climbing an enjoyable activity, but through which your child will pick on a lot of life skills and values.


Rock climbing does enhance kids' confidence, improves their hand-foot-eye coordination,

their problem-solving abilities, acceptance of failure, and teamwork skills,

while also providing a sense of accomplishment.

We have two offerings for our kids program - Maldevta Rock Climbing Day and Dhanaulti Climbing Trip.

We start the day by meeting you at the Maldevta Temple, Rainiwala in the morning and take you to a serene outdoor location. The climbing area is nestled right next to the gentle river Song, creating the perfect ambience for a peaceful and adventurous day.

Once we've settled in, we'll give you a small briefing, fit gears and begin our morning session of top rope climbing. After a thrilling climb, we'll pause for a moment to enjoy some refreshing snacks and fruits before taking a dip in the refreshing river. As we take a dip in the gentle current, we'll encourage the kids to discover the wonders of the water, from tiny fish to playful tadpoles.

Later, we'll introduce the kids to bouldering, which is another climbing style, especially for ones who are not comfortable with the height. Whether they choose to continue bouldering or get back to top rope climbing, we'll always be there to support and encourage them.

Finally, as the day draws to a close, we'll gather for a special reflection session where we share our realizations, learnings, and vulnerabilities with one another. It's a wonderful opportunity for your kids to connect to the natural outdoors with some fun Rock Climbing.

Price - 1800 INR per kid  (Includes GST @ 5%)
Location - Tachilla, 5 Km ahead of Maldevta Mandir, Dehradun.
Time - Morning to Early-afternoon (5 hours)
Includes – Instructions, climbing shoes, Equipment, Fruits/snacks
Excludes - Transport, breakfast/lunch.

For inquiries, call or Whatsapp on +91 7498163805.


Maldevta Rock CLimin Day_Kids

Dhanaulti rock climbing trip

Are you ready for an adventure in the great outdoors? We'll take a peaceful walk through a beautiful pine forest surrounded by mountains, and arrive at a magical meadow where we can explore and play! This special spot is away from the noisy city and offers one of the most amazing night views of the twinkling lights of Dehradun.

In and around the meadows, sit majestically rock spires and boulders for super fun climbing action. From the top of the climbs, you will see breathtaking views of the valley below. Don't worry, our experienced guides will help your kids climb and be safe on the rocks. Rappelling down a 150-foot-high rocky hill is another breathtaking adventure, only for the daring ones. It's sure to give you an exciting adrenaline rush!

When we're not climbing, we'll relax at our cosy campsite with the green meadows and jungle around us. So come join us for a fun-filled outdoor adventure that you'll never forget.


Dhanut Rock Climbing trip_kids

Day 1 : We begin the day by meeting you in Dhanaulti at around 9 am. Diving right into the adventurous day ahead, we start by hiking up to our campsite through a serene jungle trail, for about 20 minutes.

Once we settle in, we will walk towards the rock climbing area and begin our morning session of Top rope climbing and bouldering.

After lunch, we will take you on a small but memorable and pretty adventurous hike to the rappelling location. A mesmerizing valley view will form the perfect backdrop for your rappelling experience, after which we will return to the hotel for some hot tea and dinner.

Day 2 : Next morning we will go on a 30-minute hike for Sunrise.  After breakfast, we will introduce you to some more rock climbing.  We will then begin our descent by noon and end our trip back to the hotel for lunch.


Price - As per group size and accommodation preferences.

Level – Absolute beginner
Instructor ratio – 1 : 3

Duration - 2D 1N

Accommodation - Hotel room on a twin-sharing basis / Camping.

Activities - Top Rope climbing, Rappelling, Bouldering, Hiking.

Includes – Instructions, Safety and Climbing Equipment, Accommodation, Meals,

Excludes - Transport, Anything apart from includes.

For inquiries and booking, call or Whatsapp on +91 7498163805.