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Everest Base Camp via Gokyo

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The celebrity of all peaks- the mighty Everest!

It is safe to assume that almost everyone knows about Everest and a few of you might have also considered trying to summit it. Unfortunately, not many take the first step of actually going forward with it, so first of all congratulations on considering doing EBC and visiting our page. You are on the right trail already!

To reach the summit of Everest is a legendary, humongous task and not within reach for a majority of us, but the Everest Base Camp trek at 5,600 meters, definitely can be. It is no easy task in itself and requires commitment, but it certainly is an achievable goal for people from all walks of life.

Surrounded by countless high peaks, lofty glaciers, alpine lakes, and breathtaking scenes, you will be trekking through the mightiest of them all. Now that we have your attention, we will get right into the details. We do this trek via the Gokyo-Ri circuit instead of the usual route simply because the trek from Gokyo is much more beautiful, serene, and a lesser trodden path.


Standing tall, high above the rest of the world and watching the mighty peaks and lakes all around, this Gokyo Ri experience is unique to this trail and without a doubt worth the effort and those extra holidays from work!

Added to that is the bonus Sunset on Everest from Gokyo Lake five- This sunset will, without doubt, be the BEST sunset of your life. With hues of pink, red and orange on all those snow-capped peaks, and witnessing it from the high altitude yourself, is something you will never get to witness elsewhere.


Plus you get a Moonlit walk among the Titans- Trekking in the EBC trail after the sun has set and all those white snow-capped peaks glowing in the moonlight is spectacular and we won't let you go without experiencing this!

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