Hike In The Jungle

Nature Hike

We conduct these nature hikes within the city of Dehradun for people to experience the wilderness without having to take a long vacation. 

These one day hikes cater to the adventurous soul in each and every one of you.

You will learn the basics of reading a contour map, building a fire, cooking in the wild all while enjoying a hike through one of the serene jungles that envelope Dehradun.

Level – Beginner
Location - Dehradun
Timing - 1 day

Cost - 1,000 INR
Batch size – Ten participants
Instructor ratio – 1 to 5
Includes – Instructions, Group Equipment, Meal.

Excludes - Transport.


Shikar Falls

This trek is which starts at Shikar falls is an exciting ridge walk till Mossy falls after which we continue on the trail passing through  villages, jungles and small landslides, with an elevation gain of 4,500 ft. making it a day filled with ups and downs.  We descend on the other side of the hill, ending the day at Sahastradhara.

Duration: 7-8 hours

Our thoughts about this trek : If you are looking forward to going on a high altitude trek, this trek is perfect for your to practice on. 



Birpur Dam

An enjoyable trek where the trail changes landscapes at every other turn. Passing through rivers, streams, villages, mushroom and lychee farms, we stop at a pristine meadow to have lunch and end the day at Santala Devi. Since we hike for about an hour on the river bed, during monsoons your feet will get drenched.( carry spare socks)

Duration: 5-6 hours

Our thoughts about this trek:  If you are looking forward to spending a relaxing weekend going on a easy hiking through jungles, this trek is the one for you. 


Activity Details
Learn self care

Reflection at the end of the day is a valuable part of any trip. Learning's and mistakes will be discussed and improved upon. 

Trip leader

Meet Himanshu Thapa - With 66 treks, 362 days, 1600 km, 5 lakh feet, and counting, Himanshu is a man on a mission – completely unstoppable in the mountains.

He has been exploring his home ground of Dehradun for hikes and trails, trying to reintroduce the concept of hiking in the city. 

He is also  a certified Wilderness First Responder from NOLS. He found his true calling in Wilderness Backpacking when he went to Colorado in the United States to work with Sanborn Western Camp, an outdoor education organization, as a Camp Counselor.

He has also climbed across India, on sandstone in Badami, granite in Hampi, basalt in Sahyadri, and is now working toward building a community of rock climbers in his hometown of Dehradun. 


Frequently asked questions

What should I carry for this hike?

You will need a small backpack (25-30L) with your water bottle, a rain jacket (during monsoons), an extra pair of socks, plate/ lunch box and spoon for lunch.

What should my fitness level be like for this hike?

An absolute beggininer into the world of hiking is also welcome in this trek. You just need to have the right attitude and will do it mentality.

What should I wear for this hike?

Most imporatnt would be a pair of good hiking shoes. Apart from that trekking pants and a casual cotton/ synthetic tshirt would suffice. Carry a cap for protection from the sun. If its a monsoon trek a poncho or a rain jacket is a must.

I have never hiked before, can I join?

Yes, these nature hikes are curated to get people started into the world of hiking and trekking. Depending on your experince you can choose the hike that suits you and always come back for the tougher ones the next time.

I dont have my own transport, can you arrange it for me?

We are more than willing to connect you with other hikers who might be coming from the same area and can pick you up. If there are no other hikers, we can definitely help you with a taxi or other means of tranport.