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Discover Himalaya Program

The way away from future ‘ecological doom’ comes from sensitizing the people of tomorrow to as many beautiful ecosystems of the present-day world. The philosophy behind Beyond The Wall’s Discover Himalaya Program is built on this. Having explored the Himalaya for the most of our adult lives, we have come to realize that the more we connect with the great outdoors, the better we connect with ourselves. In lands yet untouched by technology, we see the real machinery of local communities working in great rhythm to help us with our travels and keep their lands clean and functional, and calming. Every land we’ve crossed has piqued our curiosity for the charms of the next, and every time we have been spellbound. That is the sense of wonder we aim to inspire.


Be it through rock-climbing and challenging our individual strengths, or pitching tents and cooking together in the wilderness, we devised ways to function as a strong team and felt safe sharing ideas. We developed a awareness for simple things like LNT, respecting people, being kind and curious, and exploring the unknown without harming it. We learnt to pack our bags right so they don’t weigh us down. Building mud houses, we revelled in our love for all things natural and ourselves become the guardians of a better world.

The Discover Himalaya Program philosophizes this very journey to becoming masters of the wild, to continually protect the very pillars of Self, Community, Earth and Wonder. 

Below is a showcase video and some photos of an adventure program in Himalayas shot and instructed by our team to give a better picture of why the Himalayas is the ideal destination for this outdoor education program.

Safety Is A Must!

Safety Protocols


We understand safety is of paramount importance when working with kids especially in remote regions like the Himalaya. To ensure maximum safety we have certain safety protocols apart from safety standards mentioned above that we always follow. These protocols are designed with years of experience in working in Indian Himalaya and keeping local resources in mind.


  • Daily communication between grounds and office team.

  • Backup vehicle to act as ambulance.

  • Working with local authorities like Forest Department, NDRF (National Disaster Response Force), Police Department to ensure availability of local resources. 

  • Carrying Oxygen Cylinders with the team at all times during the high altitude part of the program.

We are more than happy to work together on additional safety protocols to satisfy SWC's standards of safety.


1. Himalayan Trek Expedition

In this activity, the kids will be led on a High Altitude Trekking Expedition through the heart of Himalaya where not only they will have to deal with Himalayan terrain but will also have to put all their other survival skills to test.

This activity would be preceded by smaller day hikes around the base camp to help kids brush up their wilderness skills before heading for the expedition.

Duration - 7 to 9 days long.

Possible Locations - Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh
Altitude - Up to 5000 Meters

Hard Skills - Camping, Navigation, Outdoor Cooking, Planning & Preparation, First Aid, Altitude Medicine, Mountaineering Skills.