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Visual Supply


MAIN - Waste Warriors logo (long, no bkg, RRR).png

Waste Warriors is an NGO working on Solid Waste Management in the Himalayan Region.

We made a narrative short film and a documentary on two of their projects.


Crediwatch provides Financial insights, tools and systems that empower lenders and businesses to be.

Our brief was to create an ad-film showcasing their offerings in an emotional yet funny way! Second video was a technical video of their offerings.


Meghshala’s mission is to transform education by helping teachers create inclusive, accessible, and equitable classrooms, designed to help students become responsible global citizens.

We created a couple of Documentary videos to showcase their work in Sikkim and Meghalaya.

Scott Carney

He is an investigative journalist and anthropologist and has worked in some of the most dangerous and unlikely corners of the world.

We edited a video trailer to help promote one his books.

nao logo.png

Nao Spirits are a speciality gin distillery in India. One of their brands Hapusa is the first gin to be made from Himalayan Juniper. 

Our brief was to capture the product in its homeland of Himalaya. While at it, we also had to find areas where specific Juniper bushes grow in the wilderness and organise a trek for the Hapusa team.  

Bikat Logo.png

Bikat Adventures is a trekking and adventure company based in NCR. 

We worked on showcasing their trek offerings in different regions in both video and photo mediums.


Apart from working with our clients we regularly create content for own in-house marketing needs.


You can reach us at +91 8553238893 or drop us a mail at


Ad Film/Documentary Film

We have a member on board who writes, directs, edits and helps produce a commercial ad film focusing solely on the brand requirements in surreal landscapes. 

You don't always know what you are looking for until you explore all options right?

Short-form content

We really don't have to tell you why social media is important. Everything in today's world either makes it or breaks apart in this arena. 
We are here to help you make it with aesthetic content that is exclusive and represents the brand well.

Stand out with quality content amidst the filters and reels.

Experiential trip

When we visit those pristine landscapes for shoots, we don't always want to do it alone.

So, we offer customized trips which can either be for distributors/ Employees or friends and family which  also doubles up as a great content creation opportunity.


Concept Shoots

In today's day and age, it is extremely difficult to get anyone's attention and we know it too. The content most people create gets lost in a bottomless ocean of noisy trends.
So, we have these concept shoots, where we focus on creating visuals that make people stop scrolling! 


Product Photography

With several years of experience travelling and leading treks in the Himalayas, we have access to places and settings which very few people get to have.
This greatly helps us capture photos that create a lasting impression while helping convey the brand story in a better way.

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