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Unlike most travel options, photography tours allow for a slow, deep dive into the spirit of a place. It expands the sensory experience as guests move more leisurely, but with greater intimacy and intensity — we call it mindful travel.


As children, we often assume different roles while re-enacting grand fantasies. All hail to Cesar, riding atop a palanquin, or to the astronaut floating above the world looking down at it. The doctor saving lives, or the war photographer documenting the rawness of the human condition and the horrors of society as it fails. Then, we grow up. We settle into our role within our socio-cultural strata and send subtle ripples across the fabric of the society that surrounds us.

As tourists, we recapture some of that wonder. We gain the opportunity to stand in the midst of the coliseum, to stride casually down the halls of grand empires and to snap photos of exotic peoples, destinations, and in some instances candid moments. These rich experiences add to the substance of who we are and let us get back in touch with the beautiful sense of exploration which defined our youth. They are, for many, what make travel wondrous, expansive and oh-so addictive.

Why Nepal
Photography Mentor

Ayush Goyal

Meet Ayush Goyal, your passionate photographer, and videographer guide. 
Nothing deters him – not the steep mountains, nor the treacherous terrains, or the extremity of the unapologetic weather when it comes to clicking the perfect shot.


He is an immersive artist whose pictures breathe life, stirs souls, evokes emotions, and transport topographies.
His landscapes zoomed-in show incredible details, as a metaphor for the different textures of life. The portraits, of people who work with their hands and bodies, show what was always essentially a part of ‘being human.'


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