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Outdoor Education Instructor Training Program


A way away from a future ‘ecological doom’ comes from sensitizing the people of tomorrow to many beautiful ecosystems of the present-day world. In lands yet untouched by technology, we see the real machinery of local communities working in great rhythm to keep their lands clean, functional, and calming. Having explored the Himalaya for most of our adult lives, we have come to realize the more we connect with the great outdoors, the better we connect with ourselves. The philosophy behind Beyond The Wall’s Outdoor Education programs is built on this.

Every land we’ve crossed has piqued our curiosity and prepared us for the charms of the next. Through outdoor education that is the sense of wonder and connection with nature, we aim to inspire, in kids and adults. Be it through rock-climbing where we have challenged our individual strengths, or pitching tents and cooking together in the wilderness, we have devised ways to function as a strong team and found a safe, reflective space to share thoughts.    

Through outdoor education, we develop an awareness of simple things like LNT (Leave No Trace), respecting people, being kind, and curious, and exploring the unknown without harming it. We learn to pack our bags right so they don’t weigh us down and build mud houses that let us revel in our love for all things natural. We have and will, by being outdoors, become the guardians of a better world.

This program is conceptualised to train interesting individuals who have a colourful approach to life, into outdoor instructors. If you like working with people, especially kids and want to provide a unique educational experience in the outdoors, we have a feeling the program and you might be a mutual fit!


This program is scheduled from 2nd Jan to 5th Jan 2023.

It'll be conducted during the day from 8 AM to 5 PM(except camping day)

Location - Dehradun.

DAY 1: Welcome to Outdoor Education Program

  • Introduction

  • Discovery Group: Setting the mood

  • Lunch

  • Insight Discovery Activity('No-doze' leadership style)

  • Resilience-5 basic needs(10 ways to develop resilience)

  • Break 

  • Evening Hike

  • Round Up

DAY 2: Let’s be Outdoors

  • Morning Hike/Sunrise Hike(3 R’s: Rituals, Relationships, Restrictions)

  • Breakfast

  • Rock Climbing at Tachila

  • Touch Base of LNT

  • Basic of Backpacking

  • Break

  • Teaching Skills and Strategies 

  • End of day debrief and feedback(personal vs operational), Proactive vs Reactive feedback

  • Round up

  • Family Game Hike


DAY 3: Sleeping under the Stars

  • Meeting at the trailhead 

  • Learning navigation and map reading

  • Cooking our lunch 

  • Setting camp sites

  • Goal web

  • Building fire

  • Round up


Day 4: Putting it all together

  • Breakfast at camp

  • Peace meadow

  • Perspective

  • Lunch

  • Debrief

Course Fee

Cost - 3000/- INR

Includes- Instructor, learning material, rock climbing gears, 3 meals ( Lunch, Dinner and Breakfast) on camping day, cooking equipment, tent, sleeping mat and sleeping bag.

Excludes- Food(except day 3) and transport.


To apply please send us an email on telling us a bit about yourself and why you want to be part of this program. If writing is not your thing you can call us on +91 9368902524. 

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